For a limited time, your first year of membership can be FREE..

.. just refer one person as new member on your application. The free membership is for one address through the end of April of the upcoming year. Your referral must live in one of the counties we service (Fulton, Montgomery, Saratoga, Warren, or Washington).

You can start saving on your propane & fuel/heating oil delivery costs by joining with our group’s cooperative efforts to buy at bulk rates. An annual membership entitles you to our low cost fuel and all other discount products & services we offer for one delivery address.

If you have multiple addresses, each one requires a membership to receive the benefits at that address. But, multiple addresses can be combined to one account to have your total fuel usage aggregated together, so that you receive the lowest rate for your fuel pricing and a reduced rate on the membership dues (homes & commercial addresses can be combined together too!).

You can review our discounted usage rates on the Fuel Pricing page. Only by grouping together, are we able to leverage our buying power to acquire a discounted and stable fuel cost for everyone.

Open our Form Click the button to view our enrollment form, you can fill it out electronically, then print & sign it (fax, or scan & email to us instead of postal mail if desired, our contact info is at the bottom of every webpage). Credit app forms and info are further below (beige section) which are sent directly to our fuel supplier, Superior Plus Energy Services.

Our annual membership starts each May 1st and ends on April 30th of the following year. Your first year is pro-rated based on the month in which you join, this way you don’t pay for any month prior to becoming a member. Each month in your first year equals $3(residential) or $4(business) running through the next April 30th paid in just one payment. Pricing examples for partial year payments are as follows:

First Year Membership Pricing Examples:


  • Refer 1 new person to the Group..
    = your first year is FREE!
    ..otherwise use examples like these for your amount:

  • Join in August:
    $3 per month x 9 for Aug. through April = $27
  • Join in November:
    $3 per month x 6 for Nov. through April = $18
  • Join in February:
    $3 per month x 3 for Feb. through April = $9


  • Refer 1 new person to the Group..
    = your first year is FREE!
    ..otherwise use examples like these for your amount:

  • Join in August:
    $4 per month x 9 for Aug. through April = $36
  • Join in November:
    $4 per month x6 for Nov. through April = $24
  • Join in February:
    $4 per month x3 for Feb. through April = $12

New memberships can be paid securely via PayPal’s encrypted online service. You can use a credit card (no PayPal account needed) or an existing PayPal account for the transaction. Be sure to also send us your enrollment form (green button above) and we can then schedule your account setup and start your savings!

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New Pro-rated Membership

For multiple delivery addresses, the Group offers a 33% discount for each additional location. Residential dues for each added address are reduced from $36 per year down to $24, and business from $48 to $36 (if a residence & business are on one account, the normal business fee is due and the residential address is discounted).

We also believe it’s only fair to provide members pro-rated pricing on additional addresses as well when added only part way through our calendar year. To calculate your price per new address, divide the discounted yearly cost (residential $24 or business $36) by 12, then multiple by the number of months left until April 30th. Add this amount to your primary residence or business fee for your final membership dues total.

Those currently serving in our U.S. Armed Forces & their spouses, or people 65 years or older, and anyone currently employed as a Firefighter or in Law Enforcement, are exempt from the yearly group membership fee for one delivery address on their account (proof of qualification required, annually for all except those over 65).

All People’s Energy Group membership costs are non-refundable. Discounted services and products offered via the People’s Energy Group carry the vendor/manufacturers refund policy (please check their policies before purchasing). All membership rates, timelines and services are subject to change. Our bank charges $25 per check as a return fee, if this occurs we would need to charge this amount back to you in addition to your then outstanding payment.

Credit Applications

To quickly access to the credit application for our fuel supplier, Superior Plus Energy Services, click this Residential Credit App link or our Business Credit App link. You can fill it out electronically (residential version only at this time), then print & sign it, and only fax or postal mail it to the Superior Plus Energy address which will service your account as noted below.

For your security, we recommend that you do not EMAIL documents with Social Security or similar personal information to anyone, instead fax or postal mail it.

If your fuel delivery address is in Saratoga, Warren or Washington county:
      Superior Plus Energy Services
      21 Traver Road, Gansevoort, NY 12831
      Phone: 800-578-3631 | Fax: 518-691-0086

If your fuel delivery address is in Fulton or Montgomery county:
      Superior Plus Energy Services
      118 State Highway 67, St. Johnsville, NY 13454
      Phone: 800-642-6244 | Fax: 518-568-5056

Start Saving with our Group!

By joining with the People's Energy Group, you can save on Propane, Fuel-Oil and take advantage of discounted member benefit options for local services and entertainment. Fill out an Enrollment Form and for a limited time, refer 2 people and your first year of membership is free!

How to get a hold of us

(518) 466-1111

P.O. Box 446                 Galway, NY 12074

Fax: 518-882-2011

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