We’ll guess that you’re not too surprised by this forecast for the upcoming heating season. As a People’s Energy Group member, we hope that your local area family knows that they too can keep their fuels costs by saving with us.

As we say, “United We Save, Divided We Pay!”


2012 Household Heating Fuel Forecast

As the chill sets in, many of us will begin to use space heaters in our homes and businesses. This link from the Propane Council provides safety tips for their use to help keep you and your family safe.


U.S. Dept. Energy“Energy Kids is an extraordinary — and free — resource for teachers and students at all grade levels. Hosted by Energy Ant, the site provides facts, statistics, and educational graphics about the energy sources we use today, the science of energy, electricity generation, transportation, and energy efficiency.”


Dig Safe Call 811Tomorrow; Saturday, August 11th, is Dig Safe day!

Before you start on an underground propane tank or any reason for digging on your property, call 811 first! The depth of utility lines varies and there may be multiple lines in a common area, know what’s below.


Since recording back in 1895, July 2012 was the hottest month on record as noted in NOAA’s climate report.

With all the high summer temps, keep your family safe with information about propane and extreme heat as outlined in this brochure from the Propane Education & Research Council..


Propane Education & Research Council

U.S. Fire Administration / FEMA Summer Fire Safety for grilling, fire pits and campfires. Plus some quick tips on treating burns..


And of course fireworks are popular on July 4th, take a look at the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission video & info too..


People’s Energy Group wishes you a great holiday to everyone!

You can now view our low-cost propane rates on our Fuel Pricing page updated every week!

We service much of the north and western Albany, NY Capital District region in the following counties; Fulton, Montgomery, Saratoga, Warren & Washington.

And, did you know the People’s Energy Group is over $1 per gallon cheaper than the NYSERDA posted average for the Capital District? Go to the Fuel Pricing page to see all the details!

Winter Snowfall Propane SafetyLearn about winter & snowfall propane safety for your home or business..


An update on the one of the latest NY poll results from Quinnipiac concerning hydrofracking in the Marcellus Shale. Drilling for natural gas looks to be a split decision for New Yorkers.


We find it, and let you know.. Click the link or graphic below to view a direct comparison of fuel/heating oil and propane pricing on the government’s EIA website. Graphs of historical and current costs are shown with both residential and wholesale pricing listed.


EIA Heating Oil & Propane Pricing Updates

U.S. EIA Now that the chill is on, have you wondered lately about what you’re charged and why? Read an EIA article on propane pricing and some of the variables involved regarding your cost.

“Why am I being charged more for propane than the price on EIA’s website?”

Know a family member or friend who could use some help this winter staying warm? Remind them that heating bill assistance (avail. beginning 11/16/2011) and equipment repair or replacement (avail. as of 10/3/2011) can be applied for through HEAP.


Next Thermostat - CNet ImagesFor every degree cooler your home/business is kept, you can save an avg. of 5% on your energy bill. Many thermostats don’t accurately measure (that one degree off is $$) and those that are programmable are too often left on ‘hold’ instead of helping us save. Now you can remotely control the temp (iPhone & website options) with the Nest Thermostat and it’s smart enough to help you find the right temperature range to stay comfortable while reducing energy use & costs all year long.

Nest Thermostat Website

BlackGold App Price Tracker

BlackGold App Price Tracker

Sure there is! At least for iPhone & iPad users (want it for Android? Contact the app developer Toughturtle and let ‘em know!). The BlackGold app can track oil, gasoline, gold, natural gas & heating oil. You can monitor pricing from your mobile device and stay informed about fuel costs.

Think you’ll have to start your furnace already with the upcoming cold snap this weekend? (maybe you already have?) As a safety reminder, be sure to have a carbon monoxide detector in your home. The Consumer Product Safety Commission “recommends that every home have a CO alarm in the hallway near bedrooms in each sleeping area”. This previous CPSC article is still relevant & important, start your heating season off safely!


People's Energy GroupThe heating season is almost here so don’t forget to schedule your furnace tune-up. You can save up to 5% on your heating costs by keeping your furnace clean, lubricated and properly adjusted. Also, mark your calendars to remind yourself about replacing or cleaning furnace filters every month this winter. Dirty filters restrict airflow and increase energy use. Using less fuel not reduces your energy costs, it reduces pollutants in the environment!

For businesses, the numbers vary greatly due to their size & industry, but the average household in the Northeast with propane or heating oil as their primary heat source uses at least 600 to 800+ gallons per year. Together we can save $ on every one of those gallons, be sure to fill-out our Interest Form and let us know your usage.

Since warehouse clubs exist and stores have bulk sections, why shouldn’t you benefit from large volume discounted propane & fuel/heating oil prices?

savingsLetting us know your interest in saving money, will help us let you know just how much! Update us with the type of fuel you use (propane and/or fuel-heating oil) and how many gallons per year and then we can offer everyone a discounted price per gallon based on our group’s volume.

Just complete the simple Interest Form (with no membership obligation) and we’ll get back to you in the coming weeks with our reduced rates so that you can benefit from our savings advantage!

Interest FormOPEN Our Interest Form

Do you own a propane tank? Any chance it looks as cool as this one? We’re thinking we may need to have a Capital District area tank contest at some point.. let us know what you think!

From: http://insane-bullet.deviantart.com/art/Flaming-propane-tank-logo-253093016


..or cook, dry, run your backup generator, whatever you use propane or fuel-oil for, save money along the way. Warehouse clubs are available, bulk sections exist in many stores, why shouldn’t you have a chance to benefit from large volume fuel purchase pricing?

The People’s Energy Group is growing our membership to help everyone involved save on their fuel costs. We’ll be updating our blog here with industry and area news, our Group’s work & progress along with new services that we can offer our members at a discount.

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