Next Thermostat - CNet ImagesFor every degree cooler your home/business is kept, you can save an avg. of 5% on your energy bill. Many thermostats don’t accurately measure (that one degree off is $$) and those that are programmable are too often left on ‘hold’ instead of helping us save. Now you can remotely control the temp (iPhone & website options) with the Nest Thermostat and it’s smart enough to help you find the right temperature range to stay comfortable while reducing energy use & costs all year long.

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How do you compare the costs different fuels when their sold in different units like gallons, therms & kilowatts? You use the U.S. EIA’s heating fuel comparison calculator so that you can look at the fuel cost per amount of heat produced.

U.S. Energy & Information Administration’s (EIA) short-term Winter Fuels Outlook [2011-12] reports that costs may be up over last winter, especially for heating oil.

BlackGold App Price Tracker

BlackGold App Price Tracker

Sure there is! At least for iPhone & iPad users (want it for Android? Contact the app developer Toughturtle and let ‘em know!). The BlackGold app can track oil, gasoline, gold, natural gas & heating oil. You can monitor pricing from your mobile device and stay informed about fuel costs.

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