Use the chart below to see the annual propane usage range and rate that applies to you (please note that the price from the local terminal in Selkirk can vary on a daily basis).

The Selkirk Wholesale Propane price as of
8/31/2015  is  $0.4793 per gal.
combine this with your annual usage rate below..

Gallons Used
per Year
Provided Tank
Owned Tank

   1 - 200 gallons …

   201 - 400 gallons …

   401 - 700 gallons …

   701 - 1500 gallons …

   1501 - 2999 gallons …

   3000+ gallons …

  + $2.35 per gallon  

  + $1.50 per gallon  

  + $0.95 per gallon  

  + $0.85 per gallon  

  + $0.65 per gallon  

  + $0.45 per gallon  

  + $2.05 per gallon   

  + $1.20 per gallon   

  + $0.65 per gallon   

  + $0.55 per gallon   

  + $0.35 per gallon   

  + $0.35 per gallon   


The rates above are based on auto-fill status, ‘will call’ members pricing is $0.10 per gallon more in each usage range. We reserve the right to change pricing information without advance notice.

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Our Group discounted price for propane is based on the same Selkirk wholesale (rack/spot) price that all local suppliers use (it’s the main propane distribution terminal for the Albany Capital region & beyond). People’s Energy Group not only offers the lowest margin ranges added to the Selkirk cost for your price, it’s also a fixed rate secured by our multi-year contract and will always be published here for fairness and review.

We can save you up to $1 per gallon!

Just like our Group’s volume buying power, the more YOU use, the more YOU can save! When comparing the People’s Energy Group propane price to NYSERDA’s Capital District region weekly average (they only list based on 1100+ gals used per year at credit price), our rate can be up to $1 per gallon cheaper! (links to NYSERDA’s published propane price data at the bottom of this page).

People's Energy Group vs Albany NY Area Propane Price Average per NYSERDA

EVEN if our rate is $0.25 cents lower per gallon than NYSERDA’s average, AND you used only HALF of the solicited amount they survey for local area propane rates (which would equal 550 gallons for the year) the People’s Energy Group can still save you OVER $100!

In addition to low & stable propane pricing, you will NOT be charged for items such as:

    • Regulatory Fees
    • Tank Rental or Leasing Costs
    • Tank Hookup to Existing Lines
    • Safety Gas Check*
    • Scheduled Delivery Charges*

    (*except for delivery emergencies, after hour requests or off-route situations)

Start Saving with our Group!

By joining with the People's Energy Group, you can save on Propane, Fuel-Oil and take advantage of discounted member benefit options for local services and entertainment. Fill out an Enrollment Form and for a limited time, refer 2 people and your first year of membership is free!

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